What Is A Tattoo?

Chopper TattooThis section of the Premium Tattoo Designs website is aimed at people who are fairly new to the fascinating world of tattoos, and are looking for some information to help them get started. There are so many things to consider when thinking about getting a new tattoo, and it can certainly be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. As tattoos are permanent, making a mistake is very costly.

The articles in this section provide an excellent introduction to tattoos, as well as a guide to the process of safely getting a premium quality tattoo that you will love forever. By using the navigation bar to the left to browse through the articles in this section, I am confident that you will find all of the information that you have been searching for, as well as answers to questions that you didnt even know to ask.

To begin with, its important to know exactly what getting a tattoo involves. To that end, lets begin by exploring what a tattoo actually is.

Tattooing is a method of decorating the body. The word ‘tattoo’ comes from the Polynesian words ‘tatu’ and ‘tatau’, meaning ‘to mark’.

Tattooing involves puncturing the skin with a sharp instrument and depositing an indelible pigment into the non-exfoliating layers of skin known as the dermis. The marks or designs created in this way are permanent.

The modern method of tattooing uses an electric needle to puncture the skin, and a wide range of ink colours to provide the pigment for the design.

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