Tattoo Designs

chopper tattooChoosing a tattoo design is probably the most important decision to be made when planning a new tattoo. As tattoos are permanent it really is worth taking a significant amount of time to choose a tattoo that you really love and has some significance to your life.

The Tattoo Designs area of the Premium Tattoo Designs website showcases a selection of the most popular tattoo design styles around today. Please use the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen to browse through the various tattoo designs.

When planning a new tattoo, I recommend gaining access to as much high quality tattoo art as possible. In addition to browsing through the design styles in this section of the Premium Tattoo Designs website, I also recommend that you spend time browsing through some of the top tattoo galleries on the web. The online galleries reviewed in the Tattoo Galleries area of this website all contain thousands of premium quality images that can be browsed from the comfort of home. All designs can also be printed out and taken to a tattoo artist for a consultation. The benefits are so great that I consider membership to one or more of these galleries as essential for anyone planning a new tattoo.

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In addition to selecting a tattoo design, another important consideration is where on your body to ink your new tattoo. Each commonly tattooed body area has its own unique characteristics that should be considered carefully. The Body Areas section of this website provides detailed information about the characteristics of each of the most popular body areas for tattooing. I consider this section to be essential reading for anyone planning a new tattoo.

For visitors who are completely new to tattooing I also recommend that you visit the Tattoo Info section of this website. The Tattoo Info section contains essential information and advice relating to the process of planning a new tattoo, as well as some background information about the history of tattooing.