Tattoos For Men

Chopper TattooThe Tattoos For Men area of this website is dedicated to helping men come up with exciting ideas for their next tattoo. Men in tribal communities around the world have been inking their bodies for thousands of years. Historically, the exact methods used to apply colour to the skin differed slightly depending upon the geographic location of the society, but the reasons for tattooing were fairly similar around the world. Men in many tribal communities are still tattooed in order to denote social status and rank, as well as for religious and spiritual reasons. Tattooing has become an integral part of a number of cultures around the world, where men display some truly incredible traditional tattoo designs. This statement is especially true for Polynesian societies, as well as Dayak communities on the island of Borneo.

Traditional tribal tattooing is certainly alive and well today, with many cultures still practicing traditional tattooing methods. In addition to tribal community members, tribal tattoo designs are also incredibly popular among men living in contemporary western societies. The spread of tattooing throughout the developed world began when explorers, sailors, and military men from the west began inking traditional designs on their bodies during expeditions and voyages. The practice of inking permanent artwork on the body has since spread rapidly around the world, and has been adopted by men from all walks of life. From the extremely macho, to the very camp, everyone loves tattoos.

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Throughout the world a huge proportion of men have embraced the art of tattooing, and as a result a huge number of design options are available. The biggest decisions men face when planning a new tattoo are choosing the design, and choosing the body area to ink the design on. The navigation menu to the left contains a selection of the most popular tattoo design styles and body areas for men. Some men prefer to pick the design style first, and then choose where to ink it, while others prefer to choose the location of the tattoo first, and then find a design that will fit that body area well. Ultimately there is no right or wrong way. I personally think about both the location and the design simultaneously when planning a new tattoo.

Please take your time browsing through the various sections in the navigation menu to the left. For further body area information and tattoo design ideas I recommend that you visit the Body Areas and Tattoo Designs areas of the premium tattoo designs website respectively. For men wanting access to a vast database of premium quality tattoo designs, I highly recommend the Chopper Tattoo and Tattoo Me Now online tattoo design galleries. Both of these online galleries contain thousands upon thousands of premium quality images that can be browsed from the comfort of home and printed out to take to your tattoo artist for a consultation. Far too many people rely solely on internet search engines to find tattoo designs. This is not only a very time consuming process, but also the designs tend to be of a poor quality. Tattoos are permanent, so it really is worth spending a few dollars to get access to a premium online tattoo design gallery.

For men who are completely new to tattooing, I recommend that you check out the Tattoo Info section for some general information and advice on selecting tattoo parlours and tattoo artists, tattoo safety issues, tattoo aftercare, and much more.