Fish Tattoos For Men

Chopper TattooThis article focuses on fish tattoos for men. If you are a girl thinking about inking a fish tattoo, please visit the Fish Tattoos For Girls page.

Fish tattoos are a popular design style for men looking to ink a new tattoo. There are a wide range of fish tattoo designs available, offering men a number of options for inking a great design. The fish is an important symbol for Christians, and also holds deep significance in Japanese, Chinese, and Polynesian culture, among others.

The ichthus fish symbol was used in biblical times by Christians to show their faith and identify one another. Followers of Christianity would subtly draw the ichthus symbol on the ground with their feet. This allowed them the display their faith in a covert way, which was necessary as Christians were persecuted at the time. Many Christian tattoo enthusiasts therefore choose to ink this symbol to display their faith to the world, and to remember the early followers and their struggles.

Koi fish designs are another incredibly popular type of fish tattoo. Koi fish have their origins in Japan and China where they are very highly regarded. Koi fish tattoos have come to symbolise good luck, prosperity, and the overcoming of hardships. Koi fish have become incredibly popular among tattoo enthusiasts, and there is a massive variety of designs to choose from.

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Betta fish (Siamese fighting fish) are another popular species among men looking to ink a colourful fish tattoo. Betta fish are commonly kept by aquarists because of their incredible flowing fins, which range in colour from bright blue through to red and deep purple. Coral reef fish are also good options for men looking to ink very colourful fish tattoo designs. There are thousands of species of reef fish to choose form, and all make fantastic fish tattoos.

Shark tattoos are also incredibly popular among men. The most popular designs tend to be based on the great white, tiger, bull, and hammerhead sharks. As well as the more lifelike designs, there are also some fantastic abstract tribal style shark tattoo designs. These tribal designs originated in Polynesian societies in the Pacific, where sharks were revered for their power and dominion of the ocean realm.

If you really love the idea of inking a fish tattoo, I recommend browsing through as many top quality designs as you can. Tattoo design books are a good place to find designs, as is the internet. The internet is a really good resource for finding tattoo designs because you can take your time browsing designs from the comfort of your own home. Please be aware however that using search engines to browse free designs can waste a lot of your time, as many of the designs available for free are really poor quality. I recommend that instead of using search engines you join one of the excellent online Tattoo Galleries. While a membership to a top online gallery costs a few dollars, you will get access to thousands of top quality tattoo designs all in one place. A great online gallery for fish tattoos is the Chopper Tattoo online gallery. For a full review of all the membership benefits of the Chopper Tattoo online gallery, please see the Chopper Tattoo Review page.

Another important decision to make is deciding where on your body to ink your chosen design. The Tattoo Body Areas section of this website provides in depth information and advice relating to all of the most commonly tattooed areas of the body, and is essential reading for anyone planning a new tattoo.

If you are a tattoo newbie, I recommend that you also head over to the Tattoo Info section for advice about planning a tattoo, safety considerations, aftercare tips, and much more.