Tattoo Ideas And Inspiration

Chopper TattooWelcome to Premium Tattoo Designs, a site dedicated to helping you come up with fantastic tattoo ideas.

I have set up this website to help anyone who is thinking about getting a new tattoo, and is looking for some tattoo design inspiration. Throughout this website you will find high quality information, images, and advice. I sincerely hope that the Premium Tattoo Designs website helps you in your quest for tattoo design ideas and inspiration.

Getting a new tattoo is a lifetime commitment, one that should be very carefully considered. Firstly, you will need to decide where on your body you want to get tattooed. The next major descision to make is to choose a design. In order to make informed descisions about where to site your next tattoo, and what design to ink, it is essential to get as many tattoo ideas as possible. Can you imagine anything worse than spending your hard earned money on a tattoo that you decide you dont even really like in 6 months time, then either having to live with it for the rest of your life, or pay for expensive tattoo removal? That is why I have created this website to be a one stop shop for tattoo ideas. My number one piece of advice when planning your next tattoo is to take your time to browse through as many premium quality tattoo designs as possible.

The Navigation bars at the top of the screen, and to the left, will take you to the 8 sections of the Premium Tattoo Designs website. A brief outline of each section is given below:

Tattoo Info:
Contains a variety of general information relating to tattoos, such as the history of tattooing, tattoo costs, tattoo safety, associated pain, and after care.

Tattoo Galleries:
Reviews of the best online premium tattoo galleries and subscription sites.

Tattoo Designs:
Information about the most popular tattoo designs around, including images and symbolism associated with each design style. I recommend this section for general brainstorming of tattoo ideas.

Body Areas:
Information and images intended to give you ideas about where on your body you want to ink your next tattoo. This descision is vital and dictates the size and shape of your tattoo, with implications for the design that you choose. This section lays out all the factors that you need to consider when deciding where to get inked. These considerations are essential when coming up with tattoo ideas.

Tattoos For Girls:
This section is aimed at girls searching for tattoo ideas, and contains a selection of the most popular tattoo designs and body areas for women.

Tattoos For Men:
This area of the Premium Tattoo Designs website is for men looking for tattoo ideas and inspiration. Included are a selection of the most popular tattoo design styles and body areas for men.

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