Leg Tattoo Designs

Chopper TattooThis article focuses on leg tattoo designs for girls. For leg tattoo ideas for men please visit our Leg Tattoo Designs For Men page.

Leg tattoo designs have become increasingly popular among girls looking to get a new tattoo. The leg provides a wide variety of options when it comes to inking designs, and really allows a girl to get creative and express herself. There are several areas of the leg that can be inked. These are the upper leg and thigh, the calf, the shin, and the lower leg and ankle. Leg tattoo designs can be inked as single stand alone images on just one area of the leg, or can cover multiple areas of the leg in one flowing design. For example, some girls like to have subtle designs inked on their calf, ankle or inner thigh, while other girls prefer larger designs that flow from the calf and shin, up to the upper leg, or down to the ankle ending at the top of the foot. The leg can be thought of a long continuous canvas, although the width of the leg may limit your choice when selecting a design for your new tattoo. With such a wide variety of options available, leg tattoo designs really do deserve serious consideration when choosing your next tattoo.

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A major practical consideration when deciding where to site your new tattoo is how easy it is to cover up when necessary. Unfortunately, the majority of employed people have to conform to some sort of dress code, which often contains a no tattoo policy. A major advantage of leg tattoo designs is how easily they are covered up when it is required. Outside of the workplace, the ease with which your tattoo is exposed to the world depends upon where exactly on the leg it has been inked. Girls can show off tattoos inked on their lower legs, thighs and shins by wearing a knee length skirt or dress. Tattoos nearer the top of the leg, such as the thigh, are more difficult to show off, and really require girls to wear a bathing suit or bikini.

Inking any tattoo design will hurt to some extent, although some areas are more painful than others. Tattooing bony areas of the leg, such as the shin, will hurt more than inking a fleshy, muscular area, such as the calf. The size and complexity of the design will also have an impact by dictating how long the pain will have to be endured. Larger, more intricate designs will take longer to ink, meaning that any associated pain will have to be endured for longer. Large complex leg tattoo designs will also be more expensive than smaller, simpler designs. Other factors that impact upon the cost of getting a new leg tattoo include the colours used, as well as the experience and reputation of your tattoo artist.

Virtually any design that you can think of can make a fantastic leg tattoo design because the leg is such an accommodating canvas for body art. Some of the most popular leg tattoo designs include tribal, flower, butterfly, star, fairy, and bird designs. Tribal and floral themes, as well as composite designs incorporating multiple butterflies or stars, are particularly popular choices for girls as they look fantastically feminine and elegant, and can be extended up or down the leg in a seamless integrated flow.

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