Tattoo Body Areas

Chopper TattooDeciding where to site a new tattoo, along with choosing a design to ink, are the biggest decisions to make when planning any new tattoo. Each area of the body can be thought of as an inking canvas with its own unique suite of attributes. This section of the Premium Tattoo Designs website is dedicated to highlighting the various attributes of the most popular tattoo body areas.

When choosing a body area to ink, some of the most important attributes to consider are:

The size of the body area has a huge bearing on the size, shape and complexity of the tattoo designs that it can accommodate.

Body areas that are harder to conceal may not be appropriate sites for a new tattoo as many employers still tend to frown upon visible tattoos. It is also important to consider how easy it will be to show off your tattoo when away from formal situations. Another factor to consider is how much exposure to sunlight a particular body area receives as direct sunlight can cause colours to fade.

Bony areas are more painful to ink than fleshy, muscular parts of the body. Larger tattoo designs inked on larger body areas, or across multiple body areas, will have more associated pain because they take longer to ink.

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The various body areas covered in this section can be found in the navigation menu on the left hand side of this page. All of the above attributes are considered in detail for each potential tattoo site in order to help you make an informed decision. Please spend some time browsing through the various body areas and getting some ideas for where you want to site your next tattoo design.

Equally as important as taking time to choose a tattoo body area is taking the time to select the right design for you. Please visit the Tattoo Designs section of this website for detailed information and advice about a wide range of popular tattoo designs.

If you are a tattoo newbie looking to get inked for the first time, I strongly recommend that you also check out Tattoo Info section of this website. The Tattoo Info section contains general information and advice regarding the tattooing process, selecting a tattoo artist and parlour, important safety considerations, and much more.